340 B Discount Drug Program

As a patient at any Keystone Health practice, you can use Keystone’s 340B Discount Drug Program. This program helps eligible patients receive discounted prescription drugs.

If you are a Keystone Health patient, and you do not have prescription insurance:

You can save money—up to 60%—by showing your card at the pharmacies. If you are in our Reduced Fee program, you will save even more. You just have to show the pharmacy your Keystone Health/SUNRx 340B card the first time you visit. The 340b program is for patients of Keystone providers. If you are referred to a specialist by a Keystone provider, prescriptions written by the specialist will also be eligible as long as the Keystone provider continues to be a part of the care provided by the specialist.

If you are a Keystone Health patient, and you have prescription insurance:

You may be able to purchase medications not covered by your insurance company at a significant savings. Using the program will help Keystone continue to provide care to those in need—at no cost to you!

Your Keystone provider will give you an ID card to present to the pharmacist to show you are a Keystone Health patient.

Have questions about the 340B program? Call (717) 709-7977 for more information.

Your card must be presented at a participating pharmacy when purchasing prescriptions. Lost your card? Report missing cards immediately by calling (717)709-7922 opt. 3.