Pharmacy Services

Keystone Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy offering traditional prescription drug services, with the care and expertise you come to expect from a community-based pharmacy. We participate with all major insurance companies and are accredited as a Medicare provider for your diabetic supplies.

As a service of Keystone Health, we’re all about access! We offer free delivery, low-cost generics without any lists or sign-ups and access to specialty drugs through our partnership with Value Drug Specialty Pharmacy. Patients without insurance that see a Keystone Health Provider will be provided access to our 340b program, which will help you stretch your prescription drug budget.

We offer many complimentary services to enhance your experience with us including:


We’ll alert you by phone, text, or email (your choice) when your prescription(s) are ready for pick-up. Because we know you get busy, we’ll send you reminders if your medications remain as “Waiting for Pickup” longer than 72 hours.

We make it easy for you to take charge of your prescriptions using our free RxLocal Mobile App. You can communicate directly and securely to your pharmacist, set medication reminders, request refills, as well as update contact information, allergies, or your insurance all from the convenience of your smartphone or computer.

Adherence Packaging

Adherence packaging is a tool used to simplify medication management and ensure you or your loved ones are taking the appropriate medications each day, on the right day and at the right time. Free to patients receiving our Medsync service and low in cost at $3/med for no more than $10 for all others.

Whether you take your medications once daily or multiple times during the day, we have an option for you!

  • Monthly – Our monthly blister packs display one bubble for each day of the month that can be filled with one or multiple pills depending on size and based on patient’s individual medication regimes. Each bubble is labeled with a number that conveniently corresponds with the day of the month and is easily punctured to remove and consume its contents; making it clear to discern whether the day’s medications have been taken. The inside cover also receives the same label placed on prescription bottles containing all pertinent prescription information as well as descriptions of each tablet or capsule in the blister pack for easy identification.
  • Weekly – Our weekly blister packs are a good choice for patients who take multiple medications at different times of the day. The packs display bubbles that not only correspond to each day of the week but also to four different times of day; morning, noon, evening, and bedtime, making it easy to know what needs to be taken when. Each bubble is easily punctured to remove and consume its contents. The inside cover also receives the same label placed on prescription bottles containing all pertinent prescription information as well as descriptions of each tablet or capsule in the blister pack for easy identification. Since each pack only represents one week, patients will receive four packs to last roughly one month.

Overwhelmed with a cabinet full of prescription bottles? Frustrated trying to remember when to take what medication? Or just tired of filling pill boxes? Try one of our blister packs today!

Free Delivery

Keystone Pharmacy at your doorstep! We know getting to your pharmacy when you’re unwell can sometimes be the biggest obstacle to your recovery, that’s why we offer free delivery to our patients living within a 10-mile radius of our pharmacy. Just give us a call as late as noon for same day delivery service. We can include over-the-counter medications along with your prescription delivery; be sure to ask when scheduling.


Keystone Pharmacy uses FLAVORx and their newly introduced Fillmaster Auto. The Fillmaster Auto combines automated high quality water dispensing technology with FLAVORx’s proven medication adherence boosting flavors, into a cutting-edge piece of pharmacy technology. Pharmaceutical reconstitution, which in many pharmacies is still a manual, inefficient, error-prone process, is accomplished at the push of a button with the Fillmaster Auto. The entire process of filling and flavoring a liquid medication is accomplished in a matter of seconds.

Our goal is to make medicine time less stressful for kids and parents. Mention flavoring to your prescriber or at the pharmacy.

Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements

Most Americans eat energy-rich but nutrient-poor diets. 75-80% do not consume the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables, resulting in micronutrient inadequacies. In addition to poor nutritional diets, many prescription drugs, although providing lifesaving benefits, also can deplete or diminish the body’s stores of important vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

Keystone Pharmacy stocks a wide variety of high-quality nutritional supplements and employs pharmacists with additional training in wellness care. If you are on medication(s) for a chronic condition, come in for a review and recommendations. We want to help restore you to health and keep you well.