Medication Synchronization

Imagine a dedicated health coach that knows you and your medication history, that enables you to walk into your pharmacy and pick up your medications, without the hassle of calling ahead or managing refills on your own. You won’t have to imagine it with Keystone Pharmacy’s MedSync Program.

MedSync is Keystone Pharmacy’s Medication Synchronization service and is free to patients taking two or more medications for chronic conditions. The goal is to simplify your medication management and aid in adherence.

We’ll review your medications with you including dosing, frequency of dose, day supply, and prescription cost to best understand how to align all prescriptions to be due at the same time. Each MedSync patient is then paired with one of our knowledgeable and friendly pharmacy technicians to be their health coach. They will work with the patient each time their medications are due for refill, i.e. each “cycle,” to ensure all medications are filled and ready for pick up on their assigned date (appointment).

No more worrying about getting refills from the doctor in time, forgetting to call the pharmacy for prescriptions or having to make multiple trips to town because medication was out-of-stock.

Ask about being enrolled in this free service today!